Now, Applaud this (The Open Mic)

Tell you I’m nervous,

Shyly look away,

Back again,

Tell you,

It’s my first time,


I’ll strum a guitar,

Sing of things

I got close to,

But are yet,

So far,

For a year,


Applauding in equal measure,

The inescapablly talented,

The helplessly mediocre,

The bravely hapless,


It’s not mine to forsake,


I must insist,

Bravery is married to risk,

And there’s nothing

Left to save,

When I know you’ll applaud



Let me say,

I’m not nervous,

Timid, gentle or shy,


Really I’m not a nice guy,

Let me SPEAK!,


Another sip of rye,

To say again,

There is no risk,

When falter earns favour,

When content is abandoned

In critique,

When nothing is remembered,

Except buzz words that you speak,

So applaud this…..

I’m a totally sensitive male feminist,

Who on occasion,

Is racist, sexist, misogynistic,

All under the guise of being humorous,

So applaud this,

I’m not trying to be edgy

Or win your popularity,

I’m here,


To do what artists do,

I observe you,

As you dare,

Call yourself,

Artist, Guitarist, Poet, Playwrightist,

To a nineteen year old girl,

Who’ll wake up in two years,

Leaving you with your next idea,

Novel of tears,

And it’s unique,

And it’s moving,

And it’s written a million times a year,

So applaud this,

Your preach without action,

You do not live,

You co-exist,


Tell me,

Can you even hear this……

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