Sleeping in Café’s

Sleeping in a Café,

Saturday morning like some


Rubbing off the glowing embers

Of a lost fire,

Coffee and people make me tired,

In London there’s a lot of


“Is he sleeping?”,

A girl says to her boyfriend

“No babe I’m dreaming,

But don’t tell anyone”,

It’s better like that,

Let them bleed their throats


At ten past nine,

Considerate words and pointless


Coffee shops are all the same,

Just past the Piccidlily line,

Tall, Black & Strong,

Notions, Motions & Blurs,

Why’s that?

I hear her say,

I close my eyes,

Jet planes fall,

Buildings slide and sink,

Gutters overflow

And madhouses too,

I think,

I hate you,

And the universe rumbles,


© Fionn Kelvin Thomas 2019

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