She doesn’t need

She doesn’t need,

A face,

Or arms, legs,

She doesn’t need,

A mouth,

Or tongue, teeth,

She doesn’t need,


Or jewelry, make-up,

All I need is,

Her eyes,

Her mind & touch,

All I need is,

To lie next to her,

On nights,

Cold & dark,

All I need is,

Her look,

Deep & loving,

But she doesn’t need,


Poetic & pedantic.

© Fionn Kelvin Thomas 2019

4 thoughts on “She doesn’t need

      1. The last line, ‘she doesn’t need me’ . I guess that line got my attention. It seems you’re very fascinated by her essence and soul in a powerful way, but she is not as captivated because she can live without you.

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      2. Yeah fair point I suppose…. It’s hard to comment on my own work when I’m the least impartial person, but for me isn’t that where the heart of the attraction is coming from this utter fascination and the fear that she doesn’t need you, you don’t fall in love with the girl that can’t live without you, you fall in love with difference, disparity, something so incredibly unique you fear you’ll never be worthy enough to reach out to, hence the thought of throwing away the poetic mindset at the end. To change.

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