For the Public Record

Poised in a imposition,
Amidst the havoc of the lost snake,
Never evaluate decisions
When it’s too late,
As an Asian girl,
Who’s name you can’t pronounce,
Latches on to your neck,
Drives claws into your spine,
But you’ll find,
The recoil proceeds the reflection,
Which is poisoned by the recollection,
Think of something,
Christ something to take,
Alas it’s harder for guys to fake,
But it’s not too late,
To set the public record straight,
To start,
Attraction comes from the head
And the heart,
As much as the lower half,
You must be able to please all three parts,
As my interest wanes again,
I’ll tell you we can just be friends,
But once I drop this pen,
It’s unlikely,
I’ll think of you again.

© Fionn Kelvin Thomas 2019

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